Peter Fleming: Consultative Business Development

PF Business Consultancy Cumbria

In an ever-changing business climate are you seeking;

Clarity on how to take your business forward
To develop a robust and sustainable plan to deliver business growth.
Or just to make the right choices for your business.

Peter Fleming has over 30 years’ experience successfully supporting Senior Managers & Business Owners in delivering;


Our #1 objective is to create positive outcomes and make lasting improvements for business owners and their teams across Cumbria, the North West & Borders region.

We do this through facilitating, supporting you, and being part of the overall team.

As a busy business owner do you need to:

Gain Clarity
Improve Value
Stay on Track
Peter Fleming - Business Consultancy in Cumbria

Peter Fleming's Consultative Approach to Business Development

Peter is an experienced Strategic Business Consultant with a broad set of business and organisational skills. As a knowledgeable Business Solutions Consultant Peter’s consultative approach always starts with listening.

Many years’ experience as a business development professional has taught Peter to take time to process what he has been told and not to jump in with solutions. We will ask a series of probing questions to better understand your business products, services, sales channels, resources and capability challenges and then carry out market and competitor analysis to help guide and steer you and your team through business change programmes.

Peter utilises a holistic business consultancy framework which he has developed and refined through years of practice which results in positive outcomes for all stakeholders. This structured process helps Peter's clients map out the fundamental steps to deliver sustainable business development, business growth and realignment to mitigate tough market conditions and secure new opportunities. Business development activities often include long term recovery plans after a crisis. We also can focus on urgent business restructuring and business continuity as markets radically change along with support business owners on establishing and fulfilling business exit strategies.

Peter, along with a close group of associates also offer coaching, mentoring and training whether to you the business owner, 1-2-1 with your team or for groups of employees. These finely focussed programmes will cover a vast range of development topics. They can be as varied as; securing consultative sales & selling techniques, identifying the most appropriate marketing channels and prospect customers to concentrate on, or just getting the best out of your employees.  From streamlining business and sales processes to gain efficiencies, or identifying the gaps in staff development to building a high performing team can all contribute to your businesses bottom line and make life easier for you.

Our initial consultation is free and with no obligation. So why not just contact me for a virtual or face-to-face chat over a coffee and share your story.