Business Sale Consultants For Cumbria & North West Business Owners

Are you potentially looking to sell your business?

Is it time to explore how to put your business on the market? Have you been trying to sell your business without success, or maybe you are interested in expanding and acquiring a business?

Why not get in touch and have a talk with myself, Peter Fleming? I am more than happy to guide you through the best route to sell or acquire a business. 

If you are reading this page, you have already done some research. No doubt you have discovered that there are numerous business selling agents, business sales brokers and national business sales online platforms available.

However, the majority of them will only offer, for a fixed upfront fee, placement of a generic “business for sale” advert on their online platform and inclusion in emails to their registered audience. The main UK business sales operations, business selling organisations, will also likely want a slice (5-10%) of the sales value on completion of a sale too. 

Most of these specialist agents will be faceless and won’t necessarily do any of the donkey work to find the right buyer for your business. Ours is a personal and professional consultative approach which allows you to exit the business smoothly and constructively. More importantly, your business will be able to continue with the legacy that you, the business owners, have built and created, with your hard work and investment over the years.

Business sale consultants

A Background in Successful Business Sales

My business sale advice is based on over 30 years-experience working at a senior level within a global capital equipment sales, service and operations organisation. I spent considerable time within a number of the franchised regional dealer organisation’s which went through numerous sales and takeovers. Over the last few years, I’ve supported business owners, and franchise owners, to put their businesses on the market and conclude in a sale.

I support my clients', on a strictly confidential basis and will approach directly a short list of potential buyers. Additionally, I've been in a position to facilitate and support the sales process right through to successful completion. 

Through the process of selling your business, whether a share purchase agreement (SPA), or a goodwill cash offer, you will be required to involve your accountant and a business specialist solicitor. These service providers will likely have high fees, charged on an hourly rate basis, which you need to account for and deduct as a cost, on any sales price gained.

Myself and my associates can offer a cost-effective, alternative, business sale solution. We offer support to help you take the business to market, find a buyer, receive an offer and go through the due diligence process, you will “not be on the clock” and we can support you at much lower rate and fees, than are traditionally charged for selling a business. There’s no charge, and there’s no obligation for an initial confidential exploratory meeting either. 

So why not just give me a call. Peter Fleming, mobile 07966 686112

Selling your business will be one of the most important and hardest decisions for you, your co-shareholders, co-directors and family to make. Therefore, it is imperative that you partner with someone who can provide the appropriate professional advice and support. This will help to ensure the achieved business sale strategy outcome is hassle free, positive and beneficial for all parties. 

I will support you personally, along with help from my trusted professional associates. Firstly, we will value your business. Next, we will help find and then approach the most appropriate potential business buyers.

Our team will provide additional support through the negotiations and Due Diligence (DD) process. We aim to be by your side, right through to completion of the sale of your business.

We support small, medium and larger businesses, SME’s, to review the necessary paperwork, terms and conditions, produce nondisclosure documents, (NDA) and Head of Terms (HoT). We will also carry out and audit your business, to ensure prior to going to market all business information (BI) is current, robust and in a format that can easily be shared. 

Key Points to Consider before Approaching a Potential Buyer or Business Broker

Before you go to market to sell your business, make sure all your business information is up to date and at your fingertips. Buyers don’t like waiting for information. They will go cold on you and the idea of buying your business, if information and requests are not followed up in a timely manner.

To sell your business and to achieve the best deal for you and your fellow shareholders, does take time. Be prepared for it to take 12 months or more to go through a successful business sales process. Therefore, the sooner you engage with a business sale consultant, such as myself, and the business sale services we offer, the sooner we can move together towards achieving your desired exit strategy.

We will also organise and facilitate all meetings between stakeholders and associated parties and be there to hold your hand and answer any questions throughout the process.

Recent Business Sale Consultancy Roles in the North West

We have helped guide several Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) by helping buyers and investors find the right and complementary business for their business growth ambitions or growing business portfolio. 

In respect to exiting the business, one option to consider, is exploring whether one of the existing directors or shareholders could potentially buy you and the other directors and partners out. Working with previous business owners on their ambition to sell we have concluded several successful outcomes.

These are as varied as Management Buy Outs, (MBO) and seeking investment, investors, and silent business partners to allow the existing shareholders to take the business forward and realise their potential. Recently, as part of an exit strategy and retirement plans, I have supported commercial transfer of a company's main primary contracts to a 3rd party, for introductory and ongoing fees. There is an on-gong project where the original founders intended to sell. It transpired, based on an initial, family shareholders meeting that their three adult children, the next generation, had aspirations to take the company over from their parents.

I’m now in a role of supporting this business as an unofficial Non-Executive Director. The young directors now feel confident to implement their ideas to establish and grow a successful 25-year-old business even further. We continue on that journey and it’s been really interesting and rewarding to see how the younger generation have a clear vision to develop the business, brand and offer further.

Do contact me, no matter when or what your exit strategy is. Even if you just wish to explore the options and process to sell your business utilising the expertise of a business sales consultant. There is no need to hesitate from getting in touch. The earlier we can work together, the sooner we can achieve, in a professional manner, the best outcome for all. 


Should you wish to discuss in confidence your plans or initial thoughts and steps on exiting your business,
please do just get in touch:

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