About Peter Fleming, Business Consultant

Peter Fleming

My professional career covered 28 years with 2 global commercial vehicle manufactures. Through varied roles and being exposed to many interesting and challenging situations across the organisations. I was fortunate with having full support and access to industry leading training and personal development.

I also learned directly from experience, through delivering change initiatives. The realigned high performing teams we built are still recognised and winning industry awards today. It’s now with that tacit knowledge and broad business experience that I support SME business owners on their own business growth journey.

About Peter Fleming Business Consultant and his Business Growth Strategies for Cumbria

Through sharing my business knowledge and experience my mission is to support business owners and leaders in Cumbria and the North to become the best they can be.

My own business learning has been through gaining experience “on the job”, starting out as a “green behind the ears” sales trainee. Over time I developed to become a Regional Director (Sales & Operations) for one of the largest commercial vehicle, wholly owned regions in Europe.

Whilst running my own consultancy business I also completed a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). It was then that I came to fully understand, through business model application, why some business change initiatives worked and why others didn’t.

Since December 2014, as a business consultant, I’ve focused on sharing my years of experience and knowledge. I have supported over fifty SME business owners and their senior teams across Cumbria and the North West of England. I have also shared my open and candid support through the Cumbria Business Growth Hub and Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership business support programmes. We have focused on creating order and structure out of the chaos caused by being just too busy.

It’s been great to see, at first hand, a good number of my clients’ businesses grow. Many of these have gone on to be recognised and win industry award themselves. It’s been personally rewarding for me to also see and hear how the business owners and their teams have improved their business with a structured approach and also excelling themselves, in their roles as business leaders.

I will take the time to listen and fully understand your issues. Then I’ll help to conceptualise them, breaking down the key objectives into manageable steps.

One thing I am known specifically for, is helping clients gain clarity, prioritising objectives and following up in a structured manner. I’ll always spend the necessary time to listen and support you. I’ll also be there for you over the long term.

My consultative approach and one to one support to the business owners and their senior team has helped to successfully deliver business growth. My clients have developed new revenue streams, entered new markets, improved efficiency and productivity. These relationships also culminated in improving employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

I’m professional at all times and can be fully trusted to treat all engagement confidentially. I’m passionate about learning and obtain personal reward through helping business owners and their teams reach their full potential.

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